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Lockers and leavers differ over loo-ssez faire attitude

Claudia Winkleman says she operates an open-door loo policy – news that horrifies Helen Kirwan-Taylor

Claudia Winkleman. Photo: Getty Images
Claudia Winkleman. Photo: Getty Images

I wonder where you’re reading this – at the breakfast table, perhaps, or on your commute, or even, whisper it, on the loo, that little private sanctuary for so many of us.

Except for Claudia Winkleman, that is, who operates an open-door policy in her house, revealing last week that she doesn’t have a single lock on the internal lavatory doors because, as she puts it, “why would you?”

Her loo-ssez-faire attitude extends beyond her own four walls, too, she explained, as she leaves cubicle doors unlocked when out with friends. “I’d never close a door. I’d never lock a cubicle,” the Strictly Come Dancing presenter told Sali Hughes in an interview posted on the beauty journalist’s website. “I’m chatting, there’s stuff to say,” she added.

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